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Fatal Airs:
The Deadly History and Apocalyptic Future of Lethal Gases that Threaten Our World

ISBN: 0-313-38552-1/978-0-313-38552-0 (Hardcover)
Praeger, 248 pp. (July 30, 2010)
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Fatal Airs: The Deadly History and Apocalyptic Future of Lethal Gases That Threaten Our World relates the fascinating—and appalling—stories of the discovery, development, applications, and occupational and public health hazards of natural and man-made gases. Some of these gases have figured in mass extinctions. Others have created havoc through their use in chemical warfare or their accidental release. Among the hundreds of man-made lethal gases, several have been singled out for attention, including chlorine, phosgene, mustard gas, lewisite, hydrogen cyanide, and the nerve agents tabun, sarin, soman, VX, and methyl isocyanate. The book also examines some naturally occurring gases, such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, methane, and radon. Colorful accounts capture the characteristics and history of each of these mysterious substances, focusing on key episodes in scientific discovery and exploration since World War I.

Title Features:
Annotated list of resource organizations for concerned citizens and activists• Includes a chronology and a glossary

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