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Inside Wrongful Conviction Cases

by Scott Christianson

REVIEW - Prof. Abbe Smith, Georgetown U. Law Center

“Christianson demonstrates that DNA has barely scratched the surface of remedying the problem of wrongful convictions and he does an superb job of documenting the ordinary injustices experienced by those who get caught up in the system. It should be required reading for anyone – judge, prosecutor, politician, citizen – who has ever claimed that ‘the system works.’ Innocent is a cogently written, thoroughly researched page-turner. It is a must-read for anyone concerned about the state of criminal justice in the United States. With its vivid examples of wrongful convictions and astute analysis, Innocent offers a moving and disturbing look at criminal justice in America. It should be required reading in every law school. Christianson recounts story after story of innocents wrongly accused and convicted of crime, most of whom are unknown to the public. The stories are painful and poignant and leave the reader both wiser and sadder about the state of criminal justice.”

--ABBE SMITH, Professor of Law & Associate Director of Criminal Justice Clinic and E. Barrett Prettyman Fellowship Program, Georgetown University Law Center


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